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Michael Morbius, Ph. Despite his initial status as one of Spider-Man 's horror-based rogues, he went on to become a brooding and gritty, albeit heroic and tragically flawed antihero in his own series and other titles. His true identity was former award-winning biochemist named Michael Morbius imbued with pseudo- vampiric superhuman abilities and physical traits stemming from a failed biochemical experiment which was intended to cure his rare blood disorder, as opposed to supernatural means, with the rest of his appearances featuring his struggles with his non-human vampiric persona, his insatiable lust for human blood and his subsequent efforts to cure his horrific condition, along with his eventual stint as a brutal and nightmarish vigilante.

The character has appeared in various animated shows and video games. Jared Leto will portray the character in a live-action film adaptation set to be part of Sony's Marvel Universe. Lee, busy writing a screenplay for an unproduced science fiction movie, [4] bequeathed the series to his right-hand editor, Roy Thomas. Other than that, he didn't specify what we should do," Thomas said in , adding that part of the character conception came from an unspecified science-fiction film of Thomas' youth, depicting a man turned into a vampire by radiation rather than magic.

Thomas and penciler co-creator Gil Kane created the character as a man who is given pseudo- vampiric abilities and traits via scientific rather than supernatural means. A tragic and sympathetic antagonist in his initial two-issue story arc, having acquired his vampiric addiction while researching a cure for his own rare, fatal blood disease, Morbius collided again with Spider-Man and others in Marvel Team-Up 3—4 July and Sept.

Morbius went on to star in Vampire Tales , a black-and-white horror comics magazine published by Marvel's sister company, Curtis Magazines , appearing in all but two of the mature-audience title's 11 issues Aug. After his first two Vampire Tales stories, Morbius concurrently became the star of his own feature in Marvel's bimonthly Adventure into Fear anthology series, beginning with issue 20 Feb.

These were written, successively, by Mike Friedrich , Steve Gerber who had written the first Morbius solo story in Vampire Tales 1 , Doug Moench and Bill Mantlo , working with a wide variety of pencilers. It ran for 32 issues Sept. These later stories add to his repertoire of powers the ability to hypnotize others and describe his ability to fly as psionic in nature.

Wagner felt that Kaminski's stories were too character-driven and Kaminski claimed that Wagner complained about the stories to the editorial staff and left "snide margin notes in which he made his personal opinion of my plots clear" Kaminski would see these notes because he and Wagner worked under the Marvel method , but ignored Kaminski's attempts to get in touch with him so that they could discuss how the comic should be done.

Wright stayed with Morbius through issue Alongside the core series Morbius the Living Vampire , a reprint series, Morbius Revisited , was published from to , and featured material originally published in Adventure into Fear On October 17, , Marvel announced that Morbius would appear in a new comic by writer Joe Keatinge and artist Richard Elson , beginning January Born and raised in Greece by a single mother, Michael Morbius experienced an isolated childhood due to his rare blood condition, which contributed to his ugly and unpleasant-looking appearance.

But despite his looks, he was an intellectually-gifted young man who spent his time reading books and, in time, became a highly-respected and Nobel Prize -winning biologist who specialized in the field of human and animal biology. While in New York, after escaping from his home country due to his vampiric condition, he attempted to find a cure and to protect his fiancee Martine Bancroft, but he was attacked by the Lizard and defeated when Spider-Man and the Lizard fought against him to recover a sample of Morbius' blood in order to cure their own mutated physical conditions before he disappeared.

The truth behind his horrific condition is that in order to cure his decaying blood condition, Morbius, using his past experience as an expert biochemist , had attempted to cure himself of his blood disease with an experimental treatment involving vampire bat DNA and electroshock therapy. However, he instead became afflicted with a far worse condition, "pseudo-vampirism", that mimicked the powers and bloodthirst of legendary vampirism. Morbius now had to digest blood in order to survive and had a strong aversion to light.

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He gained the ability to fly, as well as superhuman strength , speed, and healing abilities. His appearance, already ugly, became hideous—his canine teeth extended into fangs, his nose flattened to appear more like a bat's and his skin became chalk-white. He also gained the ability to turn others into similar "living vampires" by biting them, infecting them with the disease of pseudo-vampirism.

Alongside the Man-Wolf, he battled Spider-Man again. Morbius later rescued Amanda Saint from the Demon-Fire cult and aided her in her quest for her missing parents. He also first encountered Blade. One of them, however, turned Martine into a pseudo-vampire before being destroyed by Morbius, but Morbius and Stroud cured Martine by using the antidote, after which Morbius fled. He once again fought Spider-Man, but then he was hit by a lightning strike, which cured him of his pseudo-vampirism and made him human again he still retained a thirst for blood, however.

Morbius selflessly saved Walters' life and stabilized her erratic transformations into the She-Hulk with a serum that he had created to cure the remnants of his own transformation. When they found Morbius, the pseudo-vampire believed that they would kill him, but the Ghost Rider and Blaze successfully captured him.

Doctor Langford, who tried to help Morbius' wounds, was trying to kill him and was working for Doctor Paine. He made an unknown mutagenic serum that would prove fatal to Morbius. Unknown to Doctor Langford, Fang, one of Lilith's children, was also trying to kill Morbius by adding his own demonic blood to the serum, which would also be fatal to Morbius.

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When Doctor Langford injected the serum to Morbius, it did not kill him, but instead it mutated him. Morbius' friend, Jacob, was trying to look inside of him and see what he could do about Morbius' condition. He later avenged the death of Martine Bancroft by killing Langford and took the beaker which contained the serum. The Ghost Rider confronted him and would not tolerate Morbius drinking any more innocent blood. Morbius then vowed he would only drink the blood of the guilty. The Ghost Rider accepted the vow, but warned him not to stray from it.

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Morbius soon became part of the Midnight Sons. Later, a new faction of vampires tried to destroy Morbius because he had been genetically manipulated to be the perfect weapon. The chest in which he was to be delivered was intercepted by the Kingpin , Blade and Spider-Man , and he attacked all three. Whatever unknown party manipulated him failed; he collapsed after one battle, possibly dying.

With his last breath, he warned Spider-Man to beware of his employer, Stuart Ward.

Vampire Huntress Legend series

It was later revealed that Morbius had signed the Superhuman Registration Act and was cooperating with S. Morbius was next seen as a member of A. Morbius later helped the Man-Thing reassemble a decapitated Punisher into a Frankenstein-like monster called FrankenCastle. Spider-Man, learning that Morbius is planning to use the blood samples to create a cure for Jack Russell, agreed to help Morbius by giving him more blood.

During the Origin of the Species storyline, Morbius was among the supervillains recruited by Doctor Octopus to secure some items for him. He assisted, in a hazmat suit to protect his identity, in preparing the cure to the spider-powers virus. It was also revealed that Michael Morbius was a college friend of Max Modell.

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This prompted Morbius to flee the lab, with Spider-Man in pursuit. When Peter Parker now in Doctor Octopus' dying body needs some supervillains to help capture Doctor Octopus now in Spider-Man's body , Morbius offers to help, but is rejected. After some time, he tried to stop some vampires in Barcelona , but got captured by them and locked in a coffin.

The vampires wanted to mix their blood with that of Morbius, until he got unintentionally saved by Domino , Diamondback and the Outlaw. Lindsey Fitzharris is a historian of medicine and medieval disease. There's an incubation period in which the virus takes root inside the body and this can take a few days. So let's say someone dies of plague, maybe a few days later their family member dies, a few days after that another family member catches it, maybe a villager catches it, someone who's actually taking care of them catches it.

They're all looking for an explanation and they turn to the dead person. But were some of the dead more likely to have been singled out for blame? Lindsey believes that some of the most disfiguring diseases that struck medieval Europe might have been triggers for the belief in vampires.

With leprosy there's facial deformities, the hands and the feet become very, very deformed. Another disease that we're all very familiar with during this period is the Black Death, or bubonic plague. Now, bubonic plague again is a very visible disease, and resulted in pustules all over your skin, they turned black they erupted with blood, it was horrible.

Another disease that was very prevalent during this period was tuberculosis, again a highly visible disease, you would be coughing blood, you'd form pustules on the face, on the hands, and these kinds of diseases were very prevalent in the medieval period. Dacre Stoker has even come across a revealing article in Bram Stoker's notes for Dracula that documents a genuine, vampire craze in the not so distant past.

An outbreak of tuberculosis in early 20th-century America had folks fearing the undead.

DACRE STOKER, Great-Grandnephew of Bram Stoker: In Bram's notes for Dracula we find an article telling us that in New England in the United States there was a serious vampire scare in the late s-early s, and it turned out that this was simply tuberculosis but people were believing that this disease was vampirism and so they actually had state forensic authorities allowing exhumations from the grave and staking the hearts, burning the hearts, doing different ceremonial practices to rid these villagers of vampires and it was only TB.

It's difficult to know for certain which illnesses were common in Anglo Saxon England, but we do know that leprosy came right at the beginning of this period and that tuberculosis was endemic. It's possible the dead were scapegoats for these horrifying illnesses. Is there any evidence to suggest that belief in vampires was a way to explain disease?

To find out, we need to return to Eastern Europe. In , Bulgarian professor Nikolay Ovcharov discovered the bones of two bodies dating back to a time when the plague first hit Bulgaria. The grave dates back to the first half of the 13th century. You can see that he was buried according to Christian tradition, hands placed across his chest. What was shocking here was that a blade from a plough had been thrust into the neck. This person had not yet turned into a vampire. This was an ordinary person, whose parents performed an anti-vampire ritual on him.

Here is another skeleton buried in the necropolis. It has also undergone a ritual but it's different this time.